Why obesity is bad for you

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Obesity greatly increases one's risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Obesity is a disorder that leads to other health issues and finally death occurs when the problem of overweight is not controlled or cured.

Research shows that in the US alone obesity related illnesses claim over 300,000 lives each year.

Obesity contributes to the number-one cause of death in our nation: heart disease.

Excess weight has also led to an increase in the number of people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. There are at least 17 million Americans with diabetes, and another 16 million have pre-diabetes. It can lead to eye diseases, cardiovascular problems, kidney failure and early death.

Why are we facing this epidemic of overweight and obesity? The ever-increasing problem of overweight among American children cannot be explained away in genetic composition. The fundamental reason our children are overweight is this: Too many children are eating too much and moving too little.

Our children did not create this problem. Adults did. Adults must lead in solving this problem.

It's not hard to lose weitght and get healthier with a little help - It is hard to face the consequences of obesity, acknowledge them and use them to have a reason to start losing weight.


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img “Life is precious: life is filled with people who you love and who love you. Make a difference in your life by staying alive, resign from the smoking statistic and quit smoking.”

Juni Hsieh – Atlanta, GA

img “People who smoke try to cover it up with mints or mouthwash, but that stench is steeped into their gum tissue and the tissues of their mouth.!”

Jennifer Jablow, New York, NY

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